What are the commission levels?
All new affiliates start off at 10% commission. To move up to level 2 at 15%, the affiliate would need to have earned a total of $250 in commissions while an affiliate of In-Charge.net. To move up to level 3 at 20%, the affiliate would need to have earned a total of $500 in commission while an affiliate of In-Charge.net.
Can my commission rate ever decrease?
No. Once you reach a level, your rate will never decrease to the lesser level.
Do I get $20 just for signing up?
Yes. You get $20 added to your first payout from us just for signing up.
I earned $50, why have not I been paid?
Your $20 sign up bonus is not counted in your earnings. You have to earn a total of $50 from commissions to be eligible for a payout.
When will I be paid?
We pay out on the 15th of every month based on last month\'s earnings.
I did not earn $50 this pay period. What happens to my earnings?
They get carried forward until you reach the $50 minimum in earnings.
Is there a limit as to how much I can earn?
No. The more money you make, the more money we make. We encourage all affiliates to make as much as possible.
Why are my commissions pending?
We approve commissions 14 days after the initial transaction. This is due to potential chargebacks or refunds.
What do I earn commission on?
When a user joins In-Charge.net, he can buy audio clips, pictures, or videos from our sexy amateur models. To buy these items, he has to add tokens. You\'d earn a commission on all of the tokens he adds. Unlike some sites who only give you a percentage of recurring memberships, we let you have a cut the token sales. These can range from small amounts to huge amounts depending on the customer.
How long are cookies tracked for?
Cookies are tracked for 30 days.